India second most ‘ignorant’ nation in the world: survey


A London-based market research firm has ranked India as the second most ignorant nation in the world.

Ipsos MORI conducted a survey in which they polled 25,000 people in 33 countries and found that while people “over-estimate what we worry about”, a lot of major issues are underestimated.

Based on the findings of the survey, Ipsos ranked nations on their “ignorance” level. The “ignorance” level was determined by a survey posing questions about topics such as wealth that the top one per cent own, obesity, non-religious population, immigration, living with parents, female employment, rural living and internet access.

Although the survey did not specifically mention anything about intolerance or communal divide, most Indians answered the first question wrong misjudging economic inequality since they had no clue that 1% of the population actually possesses 70% of the nation’s wealth. Additionally, most Indians overestimated the atheist population to be 32%.

Further, India fell in the list of nations which overestimate representation by women in politics and in workplace. However, the Indian population seriously underestimates the rural population of the country and thinks more people have internet access than in reality.

The survey results were published online, with Mexico on the first position, followed by India, Brazil and Peru respectively.