Choosing selective humanity


It seems normal when such attacks happen in the Middle East but if it’s in the West, you have to take it seriously. Showing solidarity by changing a display picture is not a bad idea but the sympathy should have an equation. People interacting on social media forums have been extremely quick and vocal in their reactions to last Friday’s attacks in Paris. Facebook is for everyone, white, black, rich, poor, Muslim or Christian. There is no discrimination when we talk about using Facebook, then why discriminate humanity?

Thousands of Muslims are being killed in Syria, Palestine, Pakistan, Afghanistan and we never see a Pakistani flag on Facebook to support the people of Pakistan or any other affected country. Facebook is a power in itself. Whatever message Facebook gives, goes to the masses. Even in Pakistan many people changed their display pictures to support Paris. In the west it is considered right to bomb the people of Islamic countries. If Facebook would have filters to support Pakistan or Syria in their difficult times, then it’s pretty obvious that the people of West would have definitely supported Islamic states. The general public is rather welcoming whether it’s from west or east.

Brandon of Humans of New York took a step and came to Pakistan. Brandon, the Facebook page owner with 16 million followers, showed a very positive image of Pakistan. Through pictures he shared stories of different people that were liked by hundreds of non-Muslims, including the British, the Americans and Indians as well.

The point is when a single person can develop love among people who belong to different cultures, a social media forum like Facebook can play a vital role in removing religious barriers.