Earth’s goldilocks climate is at risk


World leaders from 150 countries are meeting in Paris these days to discuss ways to control emission of greenhouse gases which is damaging goldilocks climate of our planet earth. The data indicative of climate change is extremely scary. In the recorded weather’s history, 14 of last 15 warmest years have occurred since year 2000 and year 2015 is the warmest on pace. The world is now throwing 100 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere daily causing record heat waves as well as heavy rains and floods.

Since 1997, when world leaders last gathered in Kyoto, Japan, to discuss and control climate change, West Antarctic and Greenland have lost 5 trillion metric tons of ice sheet resulting into rise in sea levels. We can see and feel ourselves in Pakistan how climate has been changing for the worst during last 40 years. We had record heat in Karachi during last June which killed over 1,000 people. Lahore is blanketed in dust during winter and multiple flights are cancelled during the months of December and January due to crippling fog every year causing miserable conditions for the passengers and their families.

It is true that China and America who are the two largest carbon emitters must lead the way and do more than all other counties to tackle global warming problem by taking necessary steps to shift to lower carbon energy which is compatible to their economic growth. At the same time, it is the duty of all the countries to set achievable goals of reduction in burning fossil fuels for their energy needs and replacing them with solar, wind power and other climate friendly energy sources.

Global warming is not the problem of a few countries, it is affecting the entire world including other living species. The urgency to do more both in term of speed and quantum is much clearer than ever to save planet Earth from climate change disaster. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system which has goldilocks climate that makes life possible. It is extremely important to save earth’s goldilocks climate for the entire humanity and all living species of our planet.