Australia offers to sell LNG to Pakistan



Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Ms. Margaret Adamson has offered Pakistan to buy liquefied natural gas (LNG) from her county to manage the demand and supply gap for energy.

The offer has come up, when Pakistan has designed a strategy to grow its economy by addressing energy crisis; also by importing the cheaper fuels from countries like Qatar.

“We also have plenty of clean coal and LNG to sell,” she said, while addressing at Pakistan Australia Business Forum here.

Pakistan has already been importing coal and iron ore from Australia, and has been exporting textile leather and surgical goods. Australian diplomat said there are opportunities for Pakistani farmers and businessmen to use Australian technology, equipment and services to improve productivity of the farms.

The Australian government has worked extensively in the public and private sectors in Pakistan on dairy development,” she said.

The mining and energy is another area where Pakistan can benefit from Australian expertise, she added.

Australia has several world class companies who fit into various components of the value chain of the mining and energy sectors. This includes feasibility studies, mineral estimation, mine mapping, sample testing, equipment for overburden removal and mining, and simulation techniques for training drivers working on the mines,” she said.