A new movement or a new war?


What does Trump stand for?



From claiming to have witnessed American Muslims celebrate after 9/11, to his disparaging remarks towards women, and calling out reporters with personal and professional insults, the American business magnate turned TV personality turned politician Donald Trump’s political campaign continues to hit new lows every day. Yet, as the Presidential elections draw closer, the polls reveal an alarming reality: the people of America seem to have developed a liking towards the controversial candidate. This presents a conundrum for the entire world, with only one question lingering in the air. Could Trump actually be the next American President? I, for one, am worried and so should the rest of the world be.

Be it Muslims, Asians, African-Americans or Mexicans, since the very beginning of his campaign, Trump’s campaign has been peppered with controversy, with one audacious remark offending the minorities to another. If a candidate running for presidential elections could proliferate such bigotry and hatred during the course of the campaign, what could it really be like to have him rule the superpower? Amidst global terrorism reaching astounding new heights and penetrating every corner of the world, are we prepared to deal with an American fascist? I don’t think so. Or is this a mere extension of extremism witnessed in Modi’s India or Al-Assad’s Syria – the same product in a different packaging? After all, it doesn’t take a political scientist to guess that a ruthless misogynist ruling the most powerful nation on the planet would only lead the world to anarchy and mayhem. Undoubtedly, the decisions made by the people of America not only shape their lives but also have concurrent effects on the entire world.

In addition to his antagonistic rhetoric towards the minorities, it is also significant to observe and address if his ideas represent a cross-section of what the people of America staunchly feel. If it does, the problem is far deeply rooted than the political campaign of just another presidential candidate. The more support Trump garners, the greater it becomes for the Americans to realise that by what measure they are supporting him. If his ideals strike a chord with the masses, then it’s time for an overdue reality check. The greatest democracy is not as liberal, open-minded and tolerant as it chooses to believe and feel that it is.

Moreover, the growing popularity acquired by Trump puts the democracies all over the world in a complex and misguided pattern of choosing their leaders. If the most negatively vocal and vociferous leader amasses the support of the people in a first world country, where does it leave the third world nations? Like those in South Asia which follow the precedence of the West in terms of political and socio-economic system and decisions. If America elects Trump today, despite his diabolical campaign and inept political career, it is only a matter of time to witness the kind of autocratic rulers that would follow behind.

With one feud after another, Trump’s atrocities are too many to count. While the hysteria surrounding the presidential elections continues to intensify and the world closely follows what turn it takes, it is imperative for the people of America to take a moment and reconsider.

He recently tweeted, “All you career politicians are shaking in your shoes for fear Trump gets elected.” I daresay, the entire world should.