Terrorists use Pakistani soil to hurt Afghanistan: Afghan advisor  



The Pakistan-based Haqqani Network and Taliban’s Quetta Council (Shura) still operate against Afghanistan from their safe havens within the Pakistani soil, National Security Advisor Hanif Atmar said Thursday.

In his meeting with the Ambassador of Turkey to Afghanistan Ali Sait Akin, Atmar said the Taliban group and Haqqani network are still based in Pakistan, where they are receiving training, and act against Afghanistan.

Atmar further added that the government of Pakistan has not taken important steps to prevent the activities of the two groups on their soil.

He also discussed bilateral relations between Afghanistan and Turkey, the Afghan peace process, and the Istanbul process, according to National Security Advisor Spokesman Tawab Ghorzang.

Atmar said the government of Afghanistan remains committed to the peace process with the militant groups and the government considers the peace process from different dimensions.

Meanwhile, Atmar warned that sustainable peace and stability would be impossible to achieve as long as the militant groups continue to use terrorism as a tool to achieve their political targets.

The Turkish ambassador reaffirmed his country’s support to Afghanistan, specifically in training of female police officers and hosting peace talks between the Afghan government and militant groups.