Zulfiqar Mirza invites Fatima Bhutto, Zulfiqar junior to join his party





Estranged Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader and former home minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has invited Fatima Bhutto and Zulfiqar Junior to join the party he intends to form.

“I will also take nationalists along for the sake of Sindh’s interests,” he remarked talking to the news agency on Monday.

He said that if he fails to form an ideal party, he would prefer to join the Pakistan Muslim League-Functional (PML-F).

Mirza pointed out that the results of the local government elections in Badin district showed that people wanted to get rid of corruption and they rejected the supporters of former president Asif Ali Zardari.

He said his political base in Karachi would remain the same i.e. Lyari, Korangi, Keamari and Malir.

Mirza alleged that “official pressure” and money were being used to force his associates to change their loyalties.

He, however warned his rivals against such practices, adding that it would have serious repercussions.

Many PPP lawmakers were in contact with him, he claimed adding that he would disclose their names after his party was registered with the ECP.


  1. A wise move. Mir Murtaza Bhutto was got killed in Karachi in broad day-light by Orders from Mr Ten percent ( directly or indirectly – said the commission). His wife protesting for years but unheard. The children deserve – unlke Asifa etc). Fatma is an intellectual Internationally recognized and may prove great help for Dr Mirza. Dr Mirza is the only daring and straight-forward leader in Sind who can hold the bull by the horns.

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