White Lies



Things aren’t turning out all too well for former Punjab governor, Chaudhry Sarwar, aren’t they?

In charge of the PTI’s campaigning in the Punjab (much to the chagrin of Shah Mehmood Qureshi) the man has been consistently failing at his job. In both the phases of the local bodies’ polls that have taken place, the party lost badly. Even the independents placed much ahead of them.

He has been going around saying that the candidates that he had suggested have succeeded and others have failed.

Who knows?

The man is expected to fall out of favour with Imran Khan soon, who has one go-to guy in the party now and another one a little while later.

To both Shah Mehmood Qureshi and Chaudhry Sarwar: instead of fighting over which one of you is going to become the Punjab’s chief minister, ponder over how it is necessary for the PTI to win in the first place for such a scenario to arise.


The army chief is seen around town in Washington DC, shaking all the right hands in the American military and diplomatic establishment.

The boys seem set to eke out a new relationship with the Yanks, especially in the context of the ever metastasising Daesh threat.

Feeling the axe before it has fallen, some within the clergy are running about left, right and centre, not knowing whether flexing muscles is going to serve as a deterrent or whether it is going to serve as an opportunity to serve as an example of the boys’ new commitment.