Shariat court seeks reply from petitioner, claimant of custody of test tube baby



The Federal Shariat Court (FSC) has sought written reply from petitioner Farooq Siddiqui and claimant for custody of a test tube baby in the test tube baby case.

A 4-member larger bench of the FSC presided over by Chief Justice (CJ) Riaz Ahmad Khan took up for hearing a petition on whether the test tube baby is lawful or not.

The petitioner told the court during the course of hearing of the case that he was genetic scientist and had executed an agreement with a woman for carrying a test tube baby but when the baby girl was born, the woman would not give up the baby.

He told the court that there were 11 methods with reference to test tube. He briefed the court about these 11 methods.

The court directed him to file before it all these matters in writing.

Farzana, the surrogate, told the court that she had solemnized Nikah and afterwards the experiment of test tube baby was carried out. The baby was, therefore, hers. She was divorced following the birth of this baby, she said.

The court remarked that this was an important issue and decision would be given after reviewing injunctions of Quran and Sunnah and the existing laws.

The court directed the woman to file her arguments in writing before the court with regard to her claim of custody of the baby.

Hearing in the case was adjourned indefinitely.