Crime, terrorism and corruption


Reference reports about alleged links of Dr Asim with Al-Qaida and facilitating criminals getting medical assistance without the knowledge of law enforcement agencies. When wanted target killers, involved in murder of thousands including 350 police officers, receive treatment in Karachi’s private clinics, then it is not surprising if terrorists could manage same facility. Unless the writ of law and supremacy of constitution is enforced and compromises not made for political or commercial gains, curse of terrorism will haunt Pakistan and ultimately may lead to sanctions and even compromise our defense nuclear deterrence and sovereignty.

The nexus between crime, corruption and terrorism exists and each aids the other. When instruments of state such as Customs, FBR, FIA, Border and Coast Guards, law enforcement, sensitive agencies created to prevent entry or exit from Pakistan of containers full of smuggled goods, facilitate such illegal trade, then terrorist organisation use same channels to smuggle prohibited weapons, explosives, rocket launchers hidden in containers by bribing their way through. If wanted criminals can flee Pakistan to evade punishment using political clout or bribes, then terrorists can do same.

Channel for funding of terrorism are same used by corrupt bureaucrats, few politicians, traders and land or drug mafia for transfer of funds to and from this country for money laundering. As long as important public offices such as Auditor General, Governor State Bank, President National Bank, Federal Secretaries, Ambassadors, MD PSO or PIA, DG CAA etc can be held by individuals with split loyalties, holding foreign passports and having relocated their families abroad, national security will suffer, along with flight of capital. Crime must be punished irrespective of who commits it otherwise Pakistan will suffer as it has for over two decades. Rights of criminals should not override collective national security interests.