Indian man crashes car into Wagah-Attari border gate


An Indian citizen crashed a speeding sports utility vehicle (SUV) into the Wagah-Attari border gate on early Monday.

According to local media, the driver breached security on the Indian side of the border, crashing a check post. He reached zero point of the border and rammed into the Pakistani side of the border gate.

The gate at Attari was badly damaged while the Wagah gate was partially damaged, local media reported.

Border Security Forces (BSF) officials arrested the driver. Pakistani officials confiscated his car after it entered Pakistani territory. Howevre, the vehicle was returned upon request of the BSF.

The Non-resident Indian (NRI), from Canada, was allegedly drunk during the incident.

Following the incident, Punjab Rangers wrote a letter to the Border Security Forces (BSF) seeking an inquiry into the breach of security, a local media reported.





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