Navy test fires anti-ship guided missiles with pinpoint accuracy


In an impressive display of naval fire power, the front line combat units of Pakistan Navy Fleet successfully test fired anti-ship guided missiles in North Arabian Sea on Saturday.

Chief of Naval staff Admiral Muhammad Zakaullah along with senior naval officers witnessed the firings onboard PNS Alamgir, said a statement issued by Pakistan Navy.

The missiles launched from surface and air units successfully engaged their intended targets with pinpoint accuracy, thus re-asserting the lethality, precision and efficacy of navy’s weapon systems.

Successful conduct of missile firings is manifestation of PN’s optimum operational preparedness, the statement added.

The chief of naval staff appreciated the remarkable demonstration of professionalism during missile firings and expressed his satisfaction over the combat readiness of the naval forces.

Pakistan Navy is maintaining vigilance and optimum operational readiness to defend maritime frontiers and safeguard national interests.

The successful missile firings while reassuring navy’s combat potential also serve as a deterrent to the forces inimical to Pakistan.