Army’s call for good governance blown out of proportion: Malik



PPP Senator Rehman Malik has said that the army’s call for good governance has been blown out of proportion as the top national leadership including the prime minister also talks of the same to take the country forward.

While talking to Online, Malik said “whenever a statement from security forces comes about governance in Sindh, Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet members repeat the mantra and now when the army has asked the federal government to bring improvement in governance, government functionaries are attempting to twist the statement as if nothing such has been demanded. When we have yielded powers to army through 21st constitutional amendment, then questions and answers will come from the army.”

While talking about the recent past statement of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on dismemberment of Pakistan, he said that the statement has washed all allegations levelled against Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto for breaking up the country.

He demanded that the federal government take up Modi statement in the International Court of Justice; otherwise, he will raise the issue at the international forum.

“The Mumbai attack was the handiwork of Indian intelligence agencies and Pakistan was implicated in it to malign the country,” he said.

While talking about a proposed meeting with Barahmdagh Bugti in Tajikistan in the past, he said that Indian spy agency RAW asked Barahmdagh that he (Malik) will get him killed and he regretted to meet me.  “I will welcome him if he comes to Pakistan. Barahmdagh should not be stopped from coming to Pakistan,” he said.

Malik said that soon PPP web TV would be launched. “We were kept away from the people during the general elections under a well conceived international conspiracy,” he claimed.