Some of my best friends are from Pakistan: Sonam Kapoor


COURTESY Times Of India.

Sonam Kapoor doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind freely, we all know that. And now the Bollywood diva has come out in support of her Khoobsurat co-star Fawad Khan following Hindu extremist organisation Shiv Sena’s pledge to not let Fawad and Mahira promote their films in Maharashtra.

“I have worked with Fawad Khan and I would love to work with him again. Fawad is like family to me, so whether he is Indian or Pakistani it does not matter,” reported Times of India.

“Some of my best friends are from Pakistan,” she added.

Sonam believes when Indian actors can work anywhere in the world, why can’t Pakistani actors work in India. “I don’t think we should stop something because of a few people. If it is okay for us to go all over the world and work, why can’t people from the neighbouring country come here and work?” asked Sonam.

She gave examples of her father — Anil Kapoor — and fellow actress Priyanka Chopra, “We appreciate it when our industry people work abroad, like Priyanka is working in Los Angeles and my father is working there too.”

“This was something that the British did – divide and rule – and I think that’s what’s happening right now. It is scary, awful and I think it is completely unacceptable,” said Sonam.

The actress also broke her silence on growing cases on intolerance in India and said, “Intolerance based on anything, whether religion, caste, creed or sexuality, is unacceptable.”

“A country like India is known for tolerance. We are dumping in the garbage what our forefathers fought for. For an artiste, it’s the scariest situation to be in. You can only grow through art, expression and love. And if there are so many stigmas, we will never grow as a country,” she added.