Reham thinks black magic may have caused divorce


Every time people start to forget about Imran Khan’s split from Reham something or the other comes up again.

This time, the high profile split is back into the limelight after Reham took to twitter to hint that her marriage may have been the victim of some good old fashioned black magic.

Late on Monday, Reham tweeted a reference to a Quranic verse and said that black magic had been originally taught by the devil to make couples fall apart. The not so cryptic tweet took twitter by storm and resulted in the revival of all manners of discussion over what went wrong.

Before Reham offered her analysis on the matter, speculation on what had led to the divorce had ranged from Reham hitting Imran Khan to throwing his dogs out of their bed room.

Reham’s tweets were not followed by any explanation as to whether Reham was even talking about herself or not, but she did retweet another tweet that spoke of black magic and its use in Sulaiman’s era.

It would be interesting if Reham returns and once again says that her words were taken out of context, as they were earlier when she quoted Khan at a conference and said that anyone can hit a six but the challenge is in a century. While Reham maintained that she was talking about media ethics, many felt that her words were a reference to her short union with the former cricketer.