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Salman Khan on ‘religious intolerance’ and PRDP censorship 


The term ‘growing intolerance‘has gathered a great deal of controversy in India. It has even landed Indian’s most beloved star Shah Rukh Khan in political turmoil for using it in his recent interview.

Several Bollywood celebrities have shared their views and while some artists have even returned their awards given to them by the Indian government, megastar and SRK’s ‘buddy brother‘ Salman Khan has a rather different take on the matter.

The Bajrangi Bhaijaan actor earlier refused to comment on the controversy surrounding Shah Rukh but has finally broken his silence.

PinkVilla reports that in a statement given by Salman, the actor gave an example of his diverse background saying he doesn’t even understand the concept. “What do I say on religious intolerance? My mother is Maharashtrian, my father is Muslim, Helen aunty is Catholic, my sister-in-laws, one is Catholic Malyali, one is Punjabi and my brother-in-laws, one is Punjabi and the other one is from Himachal. So we don’t have this concept at all,” he said.

He stressed that entertainers of the country are not a part of political agendas; in fact, they are respected and loved for what they do.

“We have never seen this in theatre that only Muslims go to watch a certain film. We are respected and we are loved for what we do on screen. Out of the 121 crore people in India, there are only 14-15% Muslims. Who are the rest? Banaya kis nay hum ko? Who made us?” he questioned.

“People from different beliefs have made us who we are. This (India) is the safest place to live in for people from different religious backgrounds. I don’t believe that a Hindu does not have a Muslim best friend or vice versa, or a relative, in today’s day and age. So then, why? And even these people, who come and raise these topics, I am sure they go back and say, ‘What is this? What are we talking about?’ I am sure they don’t believe in these divides either,” he further added.

Reflecting on his personal beliefs, the superstar confessed, “I come from the belief that even I don’t know who I am. I don’t understand these things because I am half-Hindu, half-Muslim and I went to a Catholic school. Even today, when I start painting, Jesus’ image pops in my head and I paint that.”

“So I don’t understand these things. Perhaps there might be some people who think like that, but I really don’t think they are in a majority. People who had to leave this country, they left. They didn’t want to stay here… Those who live here, this is their country, this is everyone’s country, and they love it,” asserted the star.

When asked if older generations have different views than the youth, Salman replied, “My father was telling me, during partition, when everyone was leaving, everyone came to the Muslim families in Indore and said ‘don’t go’. They said nothing will happen, just stay here. How lovely is that? Because they were all like a family there. They sat together, ate together.”

“And the same thing still exists. We have never once thought in this direction. And I don’t think the younger generation thinks like this at all. So then why talk about these things? For the television? You stop saying these things, you stop writing about these things, and no one will bother. Otherwise you will get feedback from the youth that this is wrong,” he added.

“I have a lot of belief in this country and its future. I’ve got so much belief in the youth. They are so clear, so driven; they are not petty at all. They are so compassionate and loving. They will not tolerate all this. And that will be the right kind of intolerance,” he concluded.

All in all, Salman has stood by his motto of Being Human once again!

Salman Khan’s ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ is suffering a setback as it awaits its release.

According to a report published in, “CBFC took objection to the use of ‘rakhail’ (mistress) apart from two other scenes in the movie. The examining committee watched the film last week before suggesting the cuts, a source from the film’s team informs, adding, ‘The makers decided to adhere to their suggestion.’”

“The two scenes that have been censored include a Ram-Leela sequence which had a couple of old, Hindi melodies playing in the background. “The scene plays out with the film’s title track and was interspersed with two old songs in some portions. The Censor Board felt it was not suitable to accompany the Ram Leela visuals. The other scene shows a person being hanged, but the examining committee wanted it to be a long shot. The makers have complied with all the suggestions,” added the report.

This is for the first time that this has happened and the film’s team is reportedly shocked over this.

There seems hardly any risk involved as the makers have already recovered Rs 57 crore out of its Rs 60 crore budget, through satellite and music rights.

Since Salman and Sooraj share a close friendship and great professional equation as well, Salman has not charged his fees for the film and has done it free of cost. The movie is supported by a huge ensemble cast and is slated to release on 12th November 2015.