Indian lawyer announces free legal assistance for Ramzan



The Indian law expert and human rights activist Momin Malik announced on Sunday to provide free of cost legal assistance to runaway boy Ramzan, who is presently stranded in India.

Talking to the news agency via phone from India’s Haryana province, he said that he would personally visit Bhopal and meet with Ramazan there.

“I will finalize a strategy for the early return of Ramazan to Pakistan,” the Indian human rights lawyer said.

Answering a question, Malik said that he had contested the case of fifteen Pakistanis who died in the Samjhauta Express incident and added that authorities concerned had paid INR 8 million to the relatives of the victims as a result of his personal efforts.

“I will pursue Ramzan’s case from Indian session court to Supreme Court” he added.

Responding another question he urged both India and Pakistan to immediacy release the prisoners who are not involved in any crime, on humanitarian grounds.

Ramzan, as a 15 year old, entered India through Bangladesh. Ramzan’s mother Razia, 32, told media that in 2004, her husband left her and went to Bangladesh where he remarried.