KP government to improve health, education sectors by producing “really kick-ass” song


    Peshawar – Our Musical Correspondent: The PTI-led provincial government, under pressure of recent criticism of inaction in governance, specially the health and education sectors, has decided to produce a “really, really awesome” song, according to CM Pervez Khattak.

    “Yes, we know we might have been working at a sluggish pace,” said Khattak, talking to reporters in a suspiciously smoky office. “But, bro, it’s going to be so worth it when you finally hear this song.”

    The PTI government had recently been under criticism for letting over 60 percent of its development budget lapse in the several fiscal years for which it has been in power.

    “Chill, dude,” said information minister Mushtaq Ghani, also present in the smoky office. “Lapsed doesn’t mean lost. We can finally afford Coke Studio-level production quality.”

    Political analysts have reacted positively to the development.

    “Parties play to their respective strengths,” said Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi. “The PML-N has its experience at executing large infrastructure projects, the PPP has experience at planning and then executing massive income-support programs. The PTI is skilled at producing really nice songs. It makes sense.”

    “Yes, we have been contacted by the KP government,” confirmed Bilal Maqsood ofStrings. “The lyrics are going to completely encapsulate the PTI’s well-thought out ideology on how to actually improve the health and education sectors.”

    “So, it’s going to have very little lyrics. Instrumental, basically,” he added.