Indian girl ties nuptial knot with Pakistani boy in Gujrat



An Indian girl Amirun Nisa has tied the nuptial knot with lover Aijaz in Gujrat after reaching all the way to Pakistan.

The 24-year-old Pakistani groom Aijaz Ali firstly talked to Amirun Nisa, belonging to Indian state of Jharkhand, on Facebook about one and a half years back.

The new friendship turned into everlasting love when the 22-year-old Amirun Nisa arrived in Pakistan to find her true mate.

While talking to media after marriage, Nisa stated that Pakistani people are very loving and caring. She said that she was permitted by her family to visit Pakistan without any fear.

Meanwhile, Aijaz urged the government to allow Nisa to live in Pakistan so that he can take her to his house.