Neglected parrot plucked out feathers due to stress



This is the heartbreaking state a neglected parrot was found in after being mistreated by its owners.

The bird, initially named Hobby, was so stressed it had plucked out nearly all of its feathers.

The unwanted pet arrived at a sanctuary in Kansas, Texas, smelling like stale cigarettes and rotting rubbish, staff said.

Rescuers at the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary decided to rename the female parrot Javi, pronounced ‘Ha-Vee’.

“No living being should be someone’s hobby,” the sanctuary wrote on Facebook.

Birds are known to respond to stressful situations and neglect by over-preening.

Staffs have posted regular updates on Javi’s progress as she adjusts to her new life – and her first ever bath and fresh fruit.

The bird was also taken for a check-up at the vets and treated to a nail trim.

Staff wrote that she also loves getting her head scratched and that her voice, as well as her personality, is “as sweet as sugar”.

The final posting explained that the parrot has become more confident and that she is both “full of personality and love”.