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Liquor dens exposed in Taif, Riyadh

Saudi police claimed to have arrested seven African men for brewing and selling liquor in Taif, Riyadh, Makkah provincial police spokesperson said.

The seven men had been producing highly intoxicating arak (liquor) on the outskirts of the city, in mountainous areas which makes it inaccessible for authorities.

According to the spokesperson, Colonel Atti Al Qurashi, the men were handed over to relevant authorities after barrels along with bottles filled with arak were seized from their possession.

Further, police officials based on a tip-off raided a liquor-brewing factory run by a Sri Lankan woman in Faiyha District of eastern Riyadh.

Fawwaz Al Maiman, a spokesperson for Riyadh police said the raid came after a local reported of suspicious activity in one of the apartments. “A local told the police that it was the smell from the apartment which made him suspicious of alcohol brewing,” Maiman said.

“Upon searching the apartment, an alcohol factory was found in addition to seven large barrels and 50 family-size bottles filled with arak,” he added.

Maiman further revealed that a large sum of money along with costly jewelry was also seized from the accused’s possession, following which she was handed over to the police.

Urging all citizens and expatriates to report of any suspicious activity, the spokesperson stressed that everyone is equally responsible for the security of the country.

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