SBCA launches survey of weak factory buildings in city


After the tragic incident of factory building collapse in Lahore that took 20 innocent lives, the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) has warned the owners of factories and commercial plazas to ensure proper checking of structural strength of their building, offering that the licensed engineers of the SBCA would provide their services in this regard.

SBCA Acting Director General Mumtaz Haider in a special meeting to review the condition of old and dilapidated buildings here Thursday, asked all directors to call the owners of such building in the industrial areas of their respective jurisdictions and urge them to take preventive measures to save innocent lives.

The meeting noted that due to chemical reaction and release of different gases, the structural strength of factory buildings goes weakened. It is a serious issue as these buildings do not look dangerous but they could collapse due to their internal structural faults.

However, Mumtaz Haider ordered a detailed survey of all industrial areas of the city in this regard and sought a report by November 10.