Reham Khan did not hit Imran, PTI claims


Rejecting reports doing rounds in the local media, the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) on Thursday said that Reham Khan had not hit Imran Khan.

The official response by Shireen Mazari, the spokesperson for PTI Chairman Imran Khan, came after local television channels reported that there may have been a physical altercation between the couple.

Imran Khan and TV journalist Reham Khan had divorced with mutual consent last week after 10 months of marriage, stirring chatter on news channels and on social media. The two had remained one of Pakistan’s most-talked-about couples throughout their marriage and even after their divorce.

Mazari expressed regret “at the manner in which malicious rumours are being given out regarding the breakup of Chairman Khan’s marriage to Reham Khan.”

The party chairman’s spokesperson stated the following facts on behalf of Imran Khan: “All stories of vast monetary settlements made to Reham Khan are absolutely false and lies deliberately being floated to target Imran Khan and Reham Khan; all stories of Reham Khan hitting Imran Khan are absolute lies — the product of a vicious mind; no PTI leader was privy to either discussions of Khan’s marriage nor of the divorce. Accusations of party leaders being a cause of the divorce are fabrications. The party leadership has always kept out of the Chairman’s personal affairs and continues to do so.”

Mazari concluded the statement by saying that it is unfortunate that the media is floating rumours and conjectures about the divorce of Imran Khan and Reham Khan at a time when both are going through a difficult personal time as are their families, especially their children.

The divorce announcement last week had stirred a fiery debate on social media, with fans and naysayers of both Khan and Reham posting their two cents and taking sides.

Earlier this week, while addressing the International Media Conference in Manchester Reham had made her first public appearance after news of her split.

She raised the point that Pakistani media did not follow important issues as big news barely survived a day before being swept aside. She complained that the media also focused on negativity, sidelining positive news.

The former anchorperson also said she believed one’s personal life should be kept private.


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