Landlord unleashed dogs at widow who wanted her abducted 12-year-old daughter returned



A widow was injured as an influential landlord unleashed dogs at her for demanding release of her abducted teenage daughter on Wednesday.

According to details, an influential landlord hailing from suburbs of Vehari had allegedly abducted 12-year-old daughter of a widow a few days ago.

The widow went to the residence of the landlord to demand the release of her kidnapped daughter but the influential landlord taunted the lady and unleashed dogs at her leaving her critically wounded.

The widow was shifted to hospital for treatment. However, the abducted girl has not been released so far.

The injured widow said that that despite repeated complaints, the police was neither taking any action against the influential landlord for recovery of her abducted daughter, nor a case was registered into the incident. She demanded of the chief minister Punjab and inspector general police (IGP) to take notice and direct action against the accused.