Population Summit 2015 to kick start today



A two-day Population Summit 2015 is going to start from Thursday at Jinnah Convention Center, Islamabad to discuss the issue of population and for chalking out a comprehensive policy with consultation of all stakeholders.

All major political parties, religious leaders, provincial and federal leadership and civil society representatives have been invited to develop consensus for need to deal with high fertility and unbridled population growth and its harmful impact on individual health and societal wellbeing.

The summit will be attended by about 500 delegates from across Pakistan with about 30 international participants. It will also provide an opportunity to reaffirm our national and provincial pledges through this summit. The government also intends to announce a change in the narrative used for explaining the population issue confronting Pakistan.

Apart from focusing on the political leadership, the summit will also bring forward the religious leadership’s. Finally endorsement of how Pakistan has to accelerate its birth spacing/family planning efforts.

The summit will also be an occasion to articulate a multiparty consensus on the issue; an opportunity to re-pledge for FP2020 goals at the national level (as a composite of the provincial FP2020 goals) and a national consensus statement on population and development.