Nawaz assures business delegates of safe working environment in Pakistan


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday inaugurated the Pakistan Investment Conference in Islamabad and assured business delegations of a safe working environment in Pakistan.

“Government is committed towards providing a safe and sound working environment to investors belonging to private sector, both foreign and local.” he said in his speech to the business community.

“Pakistan is committed towards eliminating the menace of terrorism from its soil in order to attract direct foreign investment. Successes achieved by the armed forces in operation Zarb-i-Azb is proof of Pakistan’s commitment in this regard,” he added.

PM cited the landmark China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project while talking about government’s achievement in attracting foreign investment. He said that the project will not only connect South and Central Asia but will also create a number of employment opportunities and a favourable environment for economic progress.

“Pakistan has entered into an agreement with Russia for the establishment of a $2 billion North-South gas pipeline and is also working on a similar project between Nawabshah and Gwadar port,” said the PM.

“People’s trust in the present government is evident from the result of local government elections,” the PM claimed.

He told the prospective investors that his government is providing loans to the unemployed youth and the projects to end load shedding by 2017 are already under construction.

“International financial and monetary groups and observers have termed Pakistan’s progress satisfactory for investment,” said Nawaz.

Business delegations from over 29 countries are participating in the two-day conference that is aimed at attracting foreign and local investors to invest in different sectors of national economy.