Media being used for divide on basis of religion: experts

  • PU moot calls for promotion of religious harmony, tolerance


In a traditional manner, media is being used for dividing the world on the basis of religion and in order to promote religious harmony and create tolerance, media researchers and communication experts need to promote alternative horizontal approach, observed speakers on the second day of a three-day conference titled, “Freedom of Expression: Global Politics of Emotions”.

Organised by the Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies (PUICS), the moot was moderated by renowned journalist and analyst Talat Hussain and addressed by Dr Muhammad Hafeez, Dr Ayesha Leghari, Dr Zahid Muneer Amir and Dr Fernando Resende from Brazil.

Addressing on the main theme, Dr Resende said that all religions spread peace but a large number of people were killed due to the use and abuse of religions in the world. He said that “religion was the most humanizing force yet it had mostly dehumanised”.

In his paper, Dr Zahid Muneer Amir argued that the message of love should come from human society and human respect was the basis of knowledge. He said that respect for others religions was the main requirement of humanity.

Dr Ayesha Leghari said that traditional Islamic theory provided profound arguments for developing deep respect for the truth found in the different religious traditions. She added that respecting life beyond religion became essential for Muslims because they had been asked by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to contemplate the beautiful names of God and to see it through His mercy that all human beings were given guidance within their hearts even if they had rejected all forms of organised religions.

Sociologist Dr Muhammad Hafeez said the society was moving toward isolationism due to increased automation and robotics and the dependency on humans had decreased.

Dr Christian Clifford from USA, Dr Elizabeth Eidi from Norway, Dr M A Siddiqui from US, Dr. Bushra Rahman, Dr Abida Eijaz, Dr. Noshina Saleem and a large number media academicians and students attended the conference.