Go to jail if you are driving without a license


Karachi traffic police chief, DIG Amir Ahmed Shaikh, announced the start of a three-phased campaign against all drivers violating traffic laws, specifically those driving without a license, from Monday.

The first and second phases, according to the DIG, would focus on public transport vehicles plying without taximeters. He said that traffic officials would be directed to check whether meters installed in the vehicles were functional or not.

DIG Shaikh added that drivers who did not have their licenses would be jailed under section 3 & 99 of Motor Vehicles Ordinance, 1965. The driving licenses, he added, would be verified on the spot through an SMS.

These specific directives, he stated were being given keeping in consideration the rising number of complaints received from the public, of rickshaw and taxi drivers not using the meters, and refusing to give passengers a ride if they asked for them to use the meters.

The third and the final phase, the DIG Traffic said would focus on private vehicle (motorcycle and car) drivers, who had been given a 15-day time to get their licenses renewed.

However, following the expiration of the deadline, the drivers would also be jailed if found without a driving license, he added.

A special desk for issuing licenses was requested to be set up at the licenses department, by the DIG in order to accommodate and facilitate maximum number of applicants.  Personnel from the traffic branch were also deployed at the licenses branch for a speedy process.

The senior traffic officials also claimed to have written a letter to the provincial government calling for it to make it mandatory for buyers to show their driving licenses before purchasing a vehicle.

On Monday, hundreds of people rushed to the driving license department offices, where they could be seen queued outside to get their licenses renewed.

A large number of taxis and rickshaws were also challaned for not using meters and charging the passengers according to the fixed rates.


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