Hajj-2015: Heirs of deceased pilgrims asked to submit compensation claims



The Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony has asked the heirs of the deceased pilgrims to submit applications for getting compensation of their siblings, who died in Saudi Arabia during Hajj-2015.

According to an official, the application forms are available at the website of the ministry. The applicants, whose siblings either martyred or died natural death, should submit Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) of the deceased and the claimant.

Affidavits duly signed by all family members of deceased, attested by oath commissioner/first class magistrate in favour of nominee.

The copies of death certificate issued by Mecca based director Hajj of the Ministry should also be submitted for receiving the compensation.

The injured Hujjaj could also submit their applications for getting compensation.

After completing formalities, the payment of compensation would be started to the heirs and injured.

The Ministry would pay compensation to heirs of a total of 185 Hujjaj, who died either natural or unnatural death during Hajj 2015.

A sum of Rs 500, 00 would be paid to the families of those who died natural death or died in any accident in Saudi Arabia during Hajj. Rs 50,000 in case of permanent disability of one limb and Rs 100,000 in case of permanently disability of both limbs, while 300,000 would be paid in case of emergency evacuation due to illness.