PTI workers boycott conference in London, Reham leaves without speaking

As news of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Chairman (PTI) Imran Khan’s marriage dissolution spread like wild fire, PTI workers on Saturday boycotted a party press conference held in London. Attendance of PTI workers remained negligible as majority avoided the meeting. Khan’s former wife Reham Khan refused to address the conference and left themeeting for an undisclosed location without speaking.
According to the details, the conference was also boycotted by the party’s local leaders. The main sponsors of the conference also withdrew their sponsorship after observing the scanty attendance.
Allegedly, arrangements had been made to accommodate 500 people but reports say that only 100 participants turned up. Organizer of the meeting faced a heavy setback due to the failure of the event.
According to sources, Reham’s ex-husband Khan had earlier stopped her from attending the meeting.