Adele will sing a duet with an X Factor finalist – but ‘only if they’re not terrible’




The X Factor could be about to get their biggest coup of the series and turn around their flailing viewing figures – as singer of the moment Adele has admitted that she is open to singing a duet with one of the finalists.

However there’s a big – and understandable – catch.

Speaking on Kiss FM, Adele said: ‘It would have to depend on who’s in the final. It depends who’s in it. If they’re rubbish, then no, I won’t. There was Ella Henderson, I used to like. But she didn’t make it at the time. I mean, I was pregnant so I wouldn’t have done it. But like, if she was in it this year and she was in the final, I would probably do it with her.’

Adele, who returned to music after a hiatus of over three years , broke the VEVO record for most streamed song ever with 27 million views in one day.

She added: ‘I’m sure I’ll get some flak for this, but I actually would like to act after working with Xavier Dolan, who is truly, truly amazing and his films are incredible. I would be in a film for him definitely. I don’t like it when those singers start acting – it makes them mediocre. But I don’t know what I’d be cast as anyway.’

We don’t think it particularly matters – at the moment, Adele can do no wrong.