Pakistan should talk for resumption of bilateral cricket: BCCI secretary


BCCI secretary Anurag Thakur has said that the government of Pakistan should talk to its Indian counterpart to make way for resumption of bilateral cricket between the two countries.

Thakur termed the current atmosphere ‘not conductive’ for cricket between the two countries.

“The atmosphere right now is not conducive for cricket to be played between the two countries. Pakistan government should talk to Indian government first. That will be a great help for building a conducive atmosphere,” said Thakur on the sidelines of a cricket match between Parliamentarians and Celebrities.

PCB chief Shaharyar Khan was in India last week to discuss the proposed India-Pak bilateral cricket series in December but Shiv Sena workers stormed the BCCI headquarters in Mumbai last Monday, and the scheduled meeting between the heads of the two cricket boards was cancelled.

Anurag Thakur said talks between governments could ease out the tension and make cricket talks an easier job.

“And then you don’t require so much effort for talks to happen between the two cricketing boards,” said Thakur.

Earlier on Saturday, PCB chief Shaharyar Khan made it clear that the current security situation in India, especially for Pakistanis, is not satisfactory. He said it is possible that the government disallows Pakistan from participating in the World T20 to be held in India next year.

“We will have to take advice from the Pakistan government and I think the government will say don’t go in the event.”

Khan said that if such a situation arose then Pakistan would be ready to forfeit matches in the World Twenty20, organised under the International Cricket Council (ICC).