Govt charging Rs 18 to 34 on POL products per litre: OGRA


Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has responded to the letter of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) concerning petroleum prices. The letter says that government is charging around 18 to 34 rupees per liter on petroleum products.

According to details, PTI had written to OGRA seeking details of the import prices of the petroleum products and the details of taxes on them. The letter by OGRA in response says that the government receives custom duty from the consumers. It says that the government receives Rs. 3.75 per liter of diesel and Rs. 0.89 per liter of petrol as custom duties.

OGRA’s letter says that the import price of petrol is Rs. 39.94 per liter while the price in the market is Rs. 73.76 per liter. Similarly, diesel’s import price is Rs. 40.54 and government has set the price at Rs. 84.04 per liter.

The letter also says that kerosene’s import price is Rs. 38.43 but government is charging the price at Rs. 57.14 per liter.