Emergency declared in Pindi hospitals after another 150 report dengue


The number of dengue patients in Rawalpindi district on Wednesday reached 2350 as 150 new dengue patients were admitted in the government run hospitals.

Dengue virus was confirmed in 50 patients on Monday and another 90 dengue patients were admitted at various hospitals on Tuesday.

According to the health department, most of the patients are children and women out of the 2350.

Emergency has also been imposed at three government hospitals. Reportedly, all dengue wards are full and there is no more space to accommodate the patients.

Despite the establishment of Dengue Control Centre at the DCO Office by the health department in Multan the number of dengue patients in the city has reached 198.

Earlier, an emergency meeting took place at the DCO Office which was attended by heads of 15 departments including health, climate and agriculture.

Reportedly, most of the participants were seen yawning and busy on their mobile phones.