Rawalpindi: Fool proof security arrangements made for Muharram processions


Fool proof security arrangements have been made by Rawalpindi Administration during the Mehndi processions, senior officials told media on Tuesday.

Officials said that no one would be allowed to destroy peace in the city and all resources would be used to keep the city peaceful.

According to details of the security arrangements, streets will be sealed along the routes of processions emerging from residential and populated areas, police personnel are deployed for security only, the ‘Majaalis’ and procession organizers have been advised  to deploy their own volunteers as well at the entrances and exit gates for complete physical search of the participants.

The administration has advised the believers not to read or play ‘Nohay’ over loudspeakers otherwise strict action would be taken. It has been made clear that in case of any provocative speech, action would be initiated and the code of conduct would be strictly implemented.

Ten Thousand Police personnel will be deployed for protection of sensitive areas and the Muharram procession; 15 Sections of Elite Force will also be on duty. The personnel of Quick Response Force will also be on standby to thwart any untoward incident.

According to details, 1,766 ‘Majalis Aza’ are being organized in different localities of Rawalpindi while 316 big and small processions will be taken out from different parts of the city that will merge with the main procession on 10th of Muharram. Special Control rooms have been established to monitor the processions.

Decision has been made to call in Rangers and Army personnel for the major processions of 9th and 10th Muharram due to lack of police staff. City administration and law enforcement agencies are in contact with each other while police is continuously patrolling the city.