Crime rate on the rise: 205 murdered, 2683 cases registered in Rawalpindi in 9 months


The crime rate in Rawalpindi is on the rise as according to the 9 months statistics, 205 murdered and 2683 other cases including robberies, car thefts, kidnappings, House thefts, and street crimes were registered in the city .

The Crime rate is increasing and residents are in state of fear and they mostly don’t trust the Police. The citizens believe that due to backing and slackness of Police, criminals commits crimes and disappear. Police mostly enroll crime cases and do not register FIRs in their daily book because the performance of SHOs depend on action taken against only registered crimes.

According to data, goods worth Rs 44.73 Crore have been stolen in addition to 560 cars and 736 Motorcycles in the past 9 Months in Rawalpindi city. The recovery of stolen goods by police during this year remained quite disappointed.The police was only able to recover goods worth Rs 16.25 crore.

Moreover 205 people were killed in various incidents. It was reported that 12 people were murdered in theft related cases out of the 205 murdered cases.
On this alarming situation, RPO Fakhar Sultan Raja has ordered Police to improve their performance and to ensure the recovery of stolen goods and redouble efforts to check other criminal activities.