Pakistan-India series bigger than Ashes: Zaheer Abbas


The International Cricket Council president Zaheer Abbas believes that the revival of Pakistan-India cricket ties will result in a series which will have a bigger grandeur than the Ashes.

“Unfortunately the ICC can’t do anything in this matter since it is a bilateral series but definitely for cricket Pakistan and India playing against each other is important. Their series is bigger than the Ashes,” said Zaheer.

Zaheer, who is visiting Abu Dhabi for the Pakistan-England Test match, rues the absence of international cricket in Pakistan.

“It is a shame this is the situation. It is unfortunate that Younus Khan set a new batting record for his country in a ‘home’ series but outside Pakistan,” said Zaheer.

Former Pakistan captain added that fans are deprived of watching their heroes perform in front of them due to lack of home venue.

“We don’t have any home ground at the moment. Our youngsters and fans are deprived off the chance to watch and meet their heroes in their own country,” he said.

“It has made a difference to our cricket to our young players they don’t get to play international teams at home.”

However,  Zaheer was optimistic that the security condition in the country was improving.

“The way our people thronged to the Gaddafi stadium to watch the matches against Zimbabwe shows how much they are missing international matches at home.”

Zaheer said the day international teams return to Pakistan a lot of things would become easier for Pakistan cricket authorities.

Zaheer further hoped that Younus will be able to break more record for Pakistan as he did recently by becoming the top-scorer in Tests for the country.

“He is our pride and I wish to see him scoring not 10,000 but 15,000 Test runs and at home as well,” said Zaheer.