Eight more hanged in Punjab jails


Eight more death row convicts were sent to the gallows early Tuesday morning in different jails of Punjab.

According to details, double murder convict Muhammad Ashraf was hanged in Attock District Jail. Ashraf had killed a man and his son in 2003 over a land dispute.

Two brothers, Aslam and Azam, were executed in District Jail Gujrat. Aslam had killed his father-in-law in 1999 with the help of his brother, Azam.

Two death row convicts were hanged in Central Jail Multan. Death row prisoner Shafeeq was hanged for killing a youth in 1992 during a robbery attempt while death row convict Akram had killed a man over a land dispute.

Three prisoners were executed in New Central Jail Bahawalpur. Death row convict Thanedar had killed his wife and father-in-law over a family dispute while two brothers Ghulam Qadir and Ghulam Sarwar were also hanged in the same jail. Qadir had killed his daughter and son-in-law with the help of his brother, Ghulam Sarwar.

According to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, authorities have hanged 236 people after lifting a 2008 moratorium on executions in December last year after a deadly Taliban attack on a school in the northwestern city of Peshawar killed 150 people, mostly children. But only one in 10 of the 236 prisoners executed since December were convicted terrorists.