Govt allocates Rs 55.4m for polyclinic extension project: Dr Zahid


Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital (FGPH) Exective Director(ED) Dr Zahid Iqbal said Monday that the government has allocated Rs 55.4 million for polyclinic extension project, to be started soon.

Dr Zahid said the authorities have written a letter to Capital Development Authority (CDA) to transfer the land for the proposed expansion.

He said the postgraduate classes of nursing school at Polyclinic hospital will be started next year as PC-1 has been approved. He added the nursing school has obtained its own spacious building with the proper setup needed to offer nursing courses.

He claimed the nursing school is the only institution in federal capital offering courses and diplomas free of cost while local private institutions are charging a heavy amount.

Dr Zahid said on the direction of federal government, a Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) is being constituted to help review and introduce a uniform curriculum at both capital nursing schools established at Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences and Federal Government Polyclinic Hospital.


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