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Khan should stop being a cry baby, says Rashid

Federal Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid has said that Imran Khan should quit ‘the politics of lies’ as the victory of PML-N in by-election of NA-122 proved the transparency of 2013 general election.

Talking to reporters in Islamabad, Rashid said that making election results controversial is tantamount to maligning democratic institutions of Pakistan.

He said Imran Khan’s demands to ensure transparency in the by-election were met, but even then the PML-N and PTI bagged the same number of votes as they did in 2013 general elections.

Rashid said Imran had been repeating for the past two and a half years that Ayaz Sadiq had stolen the seat through 50,000 fake votes. According to Imran Khan’s calculations, he said, Ayaz Sadiq should have received 20,000 votes in the by-election.

As per unofficial results, Sadiq secured 76,204 votes and his rival Aleem Khan 72,043 in NA-122.

PTI’s Ashraf Khan Sohna managed only 7,000 votes in Okara and lost his deposit while the PML-N candidate bagged 41,000, the minister said. Imran Khan wasted two and a half years of the nation in the politics of baseless allegations, he said.

The PML-N had buried the hatchet between the two parties following the general elections but it was Imran Khan who dug out the old rivalry and has kept it alive for the past two and a half years, Rashid said.

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