White Lies


There is much divide in the house of Tabdeeli after news of the impending divorce of the first couple surfaced.

Different factions are accusing each other of leaking the news to the media.

The dust will settle in this particular feud between the factions when (if) the news turns out to be true.

Till then, much intrigue in the court of he who probably won’t ever be king.


Sure, the passengers did suffer because of the pilots’ strike at the PIA but guess who made a killing? The nation’s two private airlines.

One of them, for instance, was charging 25 thousands where it would have normally charged 10 thousand. Note the duration of the strike and do the math and aforementioned windfall.

A cabinet minister, coincidentally, happens to be associated with one of the two airlines. The cabinet minister is also said to have benefited from the LNG rackets.

Well, good going. At least someone’s doing well.