Bachan show to celebrate inspiring people



Superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s new TV show Aaj Ki Raat Hai Zindagi is said to be a celebration of people’s kindness towards society.

The show will be aired on Star Plus starting from October 18, and will feature Bachchan in a “never-seen-before avatar”.

It will showcase people who went against all the odds to help society improve and who are inspirations for others.

“I got an invitation from the channel to do this show and I liked it. The whole premise was that every day we are facing a lot of negativity… we pick up newspapers or see on TV channels a lot of negative news and perhaps we overlook the fact there are some nice things also,” Bachchan said.

Bachchan, who turned 73 on Sunday, said the “motto of the show is that life is beautiful and if there is something good being done, than it needs to be celebrated and talked about and introduced to the rest of the society”.

“Also I feel that if there is even a hint of acceptance of what these people are doing and if it moves you to perhaps emulate what they are doing or do something similar, it would bring a lot of change among all of us,” he added.

“I wish every day we get to hear something that attracts us and motivates. We also should try to do such type of work,” he said.

In the promotions for the show, Bachchan can be seen dancing in an new avatar, which people have not seen of him earlier. However, he says there is nothing “unusual” that he has done.

“I didn’t try to do something different through my dance moves. Whatever came in my mind, I just performed it all. That dance is actually a celebration for those people who have done something good for the society,” he said.