This Weird Top Physically Reacts If You Look At It



Made by an LA-based artist, the ‘Caress of the Gaze’ top has a small camera hidden in its eerie depths to track the eye movement of would-be perverts. If you’re caught with a wandering eye, the mesh-based top will shift and contort under your gaze.

According to Behnaz Farahi, the top’s designer, the camera can not only tell if somebody is having a sneaky peek, but can also differentiate between genders. Future models may also be able to estimate your age.

Speaking to Tech Monthly, Farahi says that the tunic is supposed to be like “an extension of our own skin” and is based on scales and feathers from the animal kingdom.\ Farahi states that she also hopes future clothing will enhance the abilities of our own bodies, unlocking exciting new possibilities. Basically, you better pre-order your mech-suit now.