5 trendy accessories to help enhance your outfit



A simple ensemble can come to life with the right accessories.

Here are five tips to help enhance your outfit:

asym1. Asymmetrical earrings:

You’ve heard of asymmetrical dresses, now embrace the asymmetrical earring. All the rage on international runways, this trend can be easily adapted to your traditional look. Think unbalanced lengths, irregularity in colours and contrasting embellishments. If you feel extra experimental, you can simply pair a chunky statement stud in one ear with a heavy dangling ear ornament in the other.


Choker2. Chokers

This ’90s favourite is back in all look-books with a bang. Chokers are the most versatile pieces of jewellery that can be easily styled with any outfit, be it shalwar kameez, sari or jeans. They can instantly make an understated ensemble pop with panache. The chokers most in vogue this season are metallic ones adorned with gems and stones.




studed3. Studded shoes

Say goodbye to your subtle footwear collection and make way for sparkling, studded ones. Whether embellishments range from crystals to glitter, tiny stones or even pearls, your shoes are bound to make a statement. Be careful about how you pair such footwear with your clothes, ensure that you do not wear them with an ornate outfit.

watch4. Statement watches

Bold and glistening watches have been in vogue for a while now and they continue to dominate trends. Celebrities and fashionistas alike are pairing their metallic watches with matching bangles. For extra bling, pair an arm cuff to complement your watch.






wristler5. Wristlets

Beautifully decorated bags are your go-to accessory this season. Delicate wristlets are not just drool-worthy in terms of looks, but they also give you just enough storage space to conveniently stash some cash, cosmetics and your mobile phone. If you feel something too elaborate is not your style, just go for a gold or silver wristlet depending upon your attire.


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