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Dozens injured in Indian holy city riots

Extra police and paramilitaries were deployed to the Indian holy city of Varanasi Tuesday after nearly 50 people were injured during riots in which a police post was torched and dozens of vehicles damaged.

The violence broke out on Monday night when police fired tear gas at a group of holy men known as Sadhus (Holy men) who were protesting at the authorities refusal to allow them to immerse idols in the River Ganges last month.

A court recently banned the immersions to try to curb pollution of the holy river, but the Sadhus (Holy men) say the ruling contravenes their religion.

Officials in the city, which is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s parliamentary seat, said the situation soon escalated as a mob went on the rampage through the streets.

Varanasi is the holiest city in Hinduism and one of the world’s oldest cities.

Akash Kulhari, a senior superintendent of police, said 40 officers and eight civilians had been injured in the clashes.

“These rioters damaged 20 two-wheelers, seven vehicles of district administration and police, apart from torching a police booth-cum-tourist facilitation centre and the CCTV unit there,” he said.

Rajmani Yadav, the district magistrate for Varanasi, said several of those injured were in critical condition although he said the situation had now been brought under control.

An overnight curfew had now been lifted but extra security forces were out on the streets.

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