Jennifer Aniston loads of fun in Emirates commercial



They had a nice script, they told us, and they wanted Jennifer Aniston and got her. Now, Emirates’ first ad featuring the recently married Hollywood star is out for everyone to see. And it’s loads of fun.

In the one-minute ad for the A380, Aniston is seen walking around an airplane looking lost. She then asks a group of flight attendants where the showers are.

“There are no showers here, ma’am,” says one of them, looking shocked.

“If there are no showers, I’m going to look pretty silly dressed like this going to the bar,” Aniston replies.

“There are no bars here,” the flight attendant shoots back. “But we have hot towels and a bag of peanuts.”

“Emirates planes have showers and bars,” Aniston tells them.

“This isn’t an Emirates plane, ma’am,” another flight attendant tells her as they all break into a laugh.

The scene then cuts to Aniston, in a first-class Emirates lounge, waking up from what seems like a nightmare. She’s then seen at the bar.

“I was on a plane and it was nothing like this,” she tells an Emirates flight attendant.

“Sorry to hear that,” he replies, with a smile.

Emirates confirmed in August they had hired the 46-year-old as the face of their global digital and television campaign. An official told Gulf News the airline would spend around $20 million on the project.

“We are scheduled to start running it in October,” said Boutros Boutros, Divisional Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications for Emirates Airline & Group, who added that using Aniston for the ads is part of a strategy. “When we see something fit in with our brand and it’s needed, we do it.”