Sooner India falls in line, the better, says Sharif


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Indian involvement in terrorism related incidents in Pakistan is a “serious matter” and the country has credible evidence on this which has been shared with the world.

Addressing reporters in London on his way back from New York where he made a historic speech at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly, Sharif said that the proxy war against Pakistan from across the border should come to an end. He said that Pakistan has evidence of Indian intelligence agency RAW’s involvement in subversive activities in the country which has been shared with the United Nations.

He said Pakistan’s stance is being heard on this issue at the international level and it will definitely have its impact and Pakistan has effectively presented the way forward to resolve outstanding issues between India and Pakistan and “that’s the only way forward, suggested by us”.

The PM stressed that Kashmiris are enduring torture for several decades and that India has thin chances to restore peace without considering Pakistan s recommendations. He said that the four-point proposal aims at development of the region and both the neighbours.

The prime minister addressed 70th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) session on September 30, outlining a new four-point peace initiative with India aimed at addressing the causes of tensions between the two countries, and urging New Delhi to desist from creating instability in Pakistan.

He regretted that baseless allegations have been leveled against Pakistan but Pakistan gave only reasonable and practical suggestions to India at the United Nations to move forward.

Sharif said he believed that the two countries need to adopt a balanced approach on all issues as hostility spread over nearly 70 years has not produced any positive results. He said that tensions between India and Pakistan have impacted upon the good relations between the two countries and it has damaged socio-economic prospects of the two countries.

Sharif said both the countries should adopt a balanced approach as the animosity has only impeded the development process. He said that sooner or later India will have to come round to the Pakistani point of view which calls for resolution of all issues through dialogue.

Sharif was certain that India will have to give up its belligerent policies.

When asked about the upcoming by-elections and the prospects of the PML-N, the PM said that “Allah will be merciful”.

He said: “We are humble people and we pray for mercies on Pakistan in every matter. We have overcome many difficulties with the mercies of Allah. It’s our hope that the PML-N will succeed in upcoming challenges.”

PM refused to comment on the statement made by lobbyist Mark Siegel in relation to the alleged threats made by Pervez Musharraf to Benazir Bhutto.

Commenting on his visit to the United Nations, Sharif said Pakistan had suggested measures to establish peace in the region.