Like father, like daughter? Jobs’ and Gates’ girls go head-to-head at horse riding event in LA


Their fathers competed for dominance in fields as diverse as technology, media, music and the movies – but these young women have chosen the horse-riding field as their battleground.

The daughters of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, Bruce Springsteen and Steven Spielberg have all gathered at a high-society event in Los Angeles, hoping to better their position in the expensive, exclusive and hyper-competitive world of equestrian sport.

Some, such as media and tech heiress Georgina Bloomberg, 36, have been show jumping for more than a decade.

Others, such as Eve Jobs, daughter to late Apple founder Steve, and Jennifer Gates, whose father founded Microsoft, and Destry Allyn Spring, daughter to Hollywood supremo Steven, are all 18 and still warming to the sport.

MicJessica Rae Springsteen, 23, whose father is pop star Bruce, and Hannah Selleck, 26, daughter of actor and producer Tom Selleck, also turned out for the prestigious Longines Masters event this weekend.

The glamorous ladies, who don smart riding gear for the competitions, wore elegant dresses and posed red-carpet style at an opening gala for the Masters event on Thursday night.

Some snaps from the party showed the girls hugging one another and smiling, reunited again by a key date in the U.S. horse-riding calendar.

appleThese heiresses have met countless times before at similar events, and will know each other, their horses, and their sporting abilities well.

According to experts, the exclusivity of the event and the fact that it is far removed from any of their father’s pursuit’s means that horse-riding is the perfect escape for the young women.