People start returning to capital after celebrating Eidul Azha


Huge rush was observed on bus stands since Sunday morning as people started returning to the federal capital after celebrating Eidul Azha with their dear and near ones in their native towns.

Public transporters were reportedly taking full advantage of the situation and demanding extra fares from passengers trying to get to their destinations.

Every year transporters charge extra fares on Eid from passengers but the authorities concerned turn a blind eye to the issue, adding extra burden on the general public.

Talking to the news agency on Monday, Furqan Ali, an employee of a private company said, “Transporters charge extra fares before and after Eid vacations to fleece more money which is not fair.”

He said, “Employees are in hurry to reach their work places for resuming their jobs and duties, but mismanagement at bus stands causes a serious issue for them.”

Fahim Khan another traveller at Pirwadhai stop said transporters were charging extra fares taking advantage of commuters who had no option but to pay whatever is demanded of them.

He said that transporters called the extorted money ‘Eidi’ for their services.

He said that authorities should take proper steps to stop this blackmailing of ‘transport mafia’ once and for all.