Afghanistan and Pakistan are not brothers, says Ghani


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Monday said that Afghanistan’s relationship with Pakistan was not a brotherly one but a relationship between two states.

During an interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Ghani said that Pakistan should adopt one stance towards terrorists, no matter where they may be. He said that distinction of good and bad could not be done in case of terrorism.

The Afghan president said that Pakistan accepted that it had been involved in unannounced offensive actions for the past 13 years against the state of Afghanistan. He said that as long as peace was not attained, safe havens for terrorists would remain.

Ghani also said that terrorism was as big a threat for Pakistan as it was for Afghanistan.


  1. And what about the safe havens in Pakistan? Why don’t these ungrateful people take back their citizens who are living here as refugees?

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